Women Empowering Women

We live in a so-called male dominated society, a place where, to this day, women in all parts of the world are not considered “equal” to the opposite sex. This is especially true in the professional world.

The issue

Personally, having just started my career I’ve already experienced the reality of this in one form or another. The general assumption that men can perform better than women exists hidden throughout all fields of professional life. One female professor told me that this is the harsh reality of the business world. It is a prerequisite to have thick skin in order to build your career to the same level and higher than a male colleague. You constantly have to prove yourself more in comparison to a male colleague in the same position! This advice is now engraved in my mind.

Through all of this negativity in relation to women, what I find even stranger is the lack of support that women present toward one another. We should be picking each other up rather than preparing for the other persons’ fall.  The professional world is a great example of this. In an environment where women should be supporting and encouraging one another to go further, women often turn to the opposite end of the spectrum and exhibit forms of jealousy and competitiveness.

When I look at a girl, whether she is professionally accomplished, pretty or both, at times I also have a visit from the green monster! But what I do not allow my feelings to do is control me and let negative thoughts towards another individual take hold. I haven’t really understood the negative attitude that women seem to have toward other hard-working, beautiful or ambitious women. I have had countless relationships with girls fall apart (some due to my own actions) but I still remain an advocate for their success.

Why can’t women support each other? Why is there a constant need to compare and contrast?

 What we should do and the benefits

  • Women need to empower one another, stand by one another and wish for one another’s success. A strong and content woman will encourage other females rather than put them down. These women realise that there really is no such thing as competition between each other, we are all different and we all have our own paths to follow!
  • Since I’ve stopped trying to equate myself to other women, I’ve seen a great shift toward how I view myself. I used to have a very hard time processing other women’s actions. Sometimes they would downright ignore my attempt to make contact or even have a friendly chat. Sometimes they are completely rude and not forthcoming, whether in a professional or friendly setting. Because of this fact, I have struggled to build solid relationships with many females. Through all of this behaviour, I’ve seen that it is best to focus on yourself. Despite other people’s attitude, do not aim to bring anyone down.  I’ll be a little selfish here and say that the benefits of this empowerment allow us to carry on our positive mindset. Thinking positive about others will also allow us to think positive about ourselves!
  • Don’t be afraid to compliment other females… I can’t stress this enough! By small gestures you can turn someone’s day around, even if they don’t have the same attitude towards you. If I like the colour of the woman’s jacket across the street, I’ll tell her.  If I like a woman’s attitude, I’ll let her know!
  • Another strong reason for instilling this sense of empowerment is the fact that, in the present day, It is very easy for a girl in society to be viewed negatively for the slightest reason. It is essential that we as women be mindful of how we speak about and treat other women. Society will not see a change unless we make it.

So be kind, stay positive, compliment and encourage one another. Remember, girls compare and compete, women empower and support!


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