Perceptions, Assumptions and Approvals

I got pushed to write on this topic after I woke up from a dream where I met face-to-face with my own feelings. Meeting a stranger with a friendly face, telling me that we know each other and trying to prove it by showing an email he sent to me. What was peculiar about the email was that his name was “odeo”, which he told me is pronounced “odio” which is the Spanish verb for “hate” – I’ve loved the language from an early age, so this is my subconscious mind talking!

Anyway, after reflecting on that part of the dream I realized that maybe I perceive myself as a person holding in negative feelings towards certain areas in my life. It seems I am finally coming to terms with these feelings by accepting friendship with this part of my mind. I sound like a broken record but the mind is a powerful instrument, often when we try to suppress our feelings in daily life, our subconscious mind is still well aware of them. Sometimes these feelings force their way out in order for us to deal with them.

For the longest time I struggled with how OTHERS perceive me (not the people in my close circle, in fact I felt like this towards acquaintances or even strangers) . I am guilty of making quick assumptions about how others view me. This has led me to possessing negative feelings towards not only myself but for other people. I am indeed a positive person but we all at some point have made snappy assumptions, it’s a part of what makes us human.

The issue however is that our perception is an intuitive, emotional response to the world around us. How we see others perceiving us is influenced largely by how we see the world around us and how we see ourselves,  BUT that isn’t necessarily how others see the world.  This then leads us to make assumptions about certain situations – “ is that why they stopped talking to me?”, “ is that why I didn’t get that interview?”

Not allowing our own perception to create a more challenging reality for us can only happen if we stop “assuming” in every situation. That brings me onto “approval”, the need to feel accepted and wanted by people you encounter throughout your life. The way I deal with this is by understanding that since everyone is different, not everyone around you will be attracted toward you or even like you and that’s perfectly normal.

If you are content with your own self, then it doesn’t matter what anyone around you thinks. Worrying about how others view you and holding in that negative energy will only damage you.

                      SO JUST DO YOU AND ONLY YOU!


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