Lifestyle changes after a baby!

Many things change in your life once a baby is born. In this post i’ve listed out certain lifestyle changes you can expect / changes you may need to make once your little one arrives.


Less alone time with your significant other  

You and your partner are so busy with this new addition to the family and in getting to grips with your new responsibility, it is difficult to get a moment alone together.

  • If you have the privilege of keeping the baby in a safe environment( lets say, grandma’s house) then a date night can do wonders for both you and your partner!
  • While you are pregnant, go out to dinners together! Go on mini vacations! Spend as much time alone together as possible before the baby arrives. 

A strict routine

This is by far the biggest change that I have seen in my own lifestyle.  A child needs a strict routine in order to feel content, safe and not fussy! In turn, you also need a strict routine in order to get your own tasks done! 


  • Wake the baby up at the same time everyday. This gets the baby used to a routine and also ensures an earlier bedtime. All babies are different, so watch for your own baby’s cues such as drooping eyes, fussiness or rubbing their eyes.


  • Have a bedtime routine every night without fail. You can start by giving them a bath/changing them into their pjs and dimming the noise level down. Personally, I start by changing her into her pjs/ giving a bath and massaging her body.


  • Try getting up a bit earlier than the baby, FOR YOURSELF. This helps to fit in additional things you may need to do. If you work full time outside the home, this is especially important.


Everything works around your child’s nap time!

This follows on from the point above. You will develop a good idea as to when your baby will go down for their naps during the day. This is when you can do the bulk of your work. While i’m home on my maternity leave, I find myself doing all the cooking or blog writing while she is sleeping!


You may not fit into your favourite dress for some time…

Don’t fret. This may be a lifestyle change only for some time. Keep up with the healthy diet, fit in workouts into the routine and you will slowly begin to see the changes.


                                     More meals at home!

This is a personal choice. From experience I can say that before we ever had a child, we ate out quite a lot. This was for two reasons – we love going out and I wasn’t a confident cook.

Since having a baby however, I have shifted my focus on more home cooked meals. I always wanted to be able to make home cooked meals for my family and it was a huge stress on me when I knew I couldn’t cook.

It is a process in itself (and one that i’m continuously working at). This does not only create a healthier environment for your family but also doesn’t damage the bank account as much!


You get your Priorities straight!

You genuinely do get your act together once you’re a parent. I don’t know if it is the pressure of the responsibility that you now have or if it just comes naturally.  Perhaps a combination of both?

I know for a fact that I have been more successful with each of my small goals since having a baby, I just procrastinate less!

Whatever the change will be, I can guarantee that it will make your life even more beautiful, – and BUSIER! 


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