Our first Irish road trip ( back to the past!)

*I wrote this blog back in 2016 –  decided to share it, what the hay:)*

I have traveled around Ireland only as a child but never developed a love for travelling within the country. Born and bred in Ireland, it’s disappointing to say that I wasn’t aware of the many attractions Ireland has to offer as well as its beautiful landscapes.

So, I decided to compile a mini photo guide as to what I got up to on my first “proper” road trip in Ireland!

NOTE – My then-fiancé and I had decided to take a trip around the north of Ireland (he wanted to see the Dark Hedges from Game of Thrones) and see as many things as we could within our four-day road trip. We took only the small country roads and avoided the motorway.

The best way to see the country is through the small roads leading to different towns.Taking the back roads does take nearly double the time it would with a motorway… but its well worth it. You get to see the majestic Irish countryside.

Our first stop was Bundoran, Donegal, famous for its Surfing.  We stayed at a beautifully located hotel facing the Atlantic Ocean (The Great Northern Hotel). Bundoran has a great touristy feel to it with a lot of beautiful scenery to take in.

Not to mention the food…

The next day we saw “the silver strand”, a horse-shoe shaped beach that is found in the south-west of Donegal, an absolutely breathtaking view.

We then made our way to Londonderry where we spent the night in a gorgeous hotel (Bishop’s Gate Hotel). Again the food was the highlight of that place for me – as usual.

The following day we made our way to county Antrim where we saw the Dunluce Castle.

..The dark Hedges.. as seen on Game of Thrones

and the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.. a bridge linking to a tiny island called Carrickarede … spectacular for its views!

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Making our way to Dublin we went through Newcastle, County Down on a sunny day. This place gave me the feeling of being away on a hot, sunny, summer holiday!


I would definitely make this trip again!  what road trips have you done/ plan to do around Ireland?

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