12 tips to positive thinking

There are two sides to everything. When you are a positive thinker, you are still aware of the reality around you. You simply CHOOSE to focus more of your energy on the “good” things.

By becoming a positive person within, you will come to attract positive energy from all aspects of your life.

Creating this positivity in your life is a process, a process that I’ve touched upon in my earlier posts. In this one, I outline specific actions you can take to become a positive thinker and manifest a positive life. 


1. Start your day with a positive tone

It really can be the simple things that get us up in the morning. Whether it’s your morning coffee, a jog or listening to your favourite songs while you get ready for the day.

2. Positive affirmations

This is something that I strive by as it has helped me overcome dark times in my own life. Simply put, this is a way of reprogramming your subconscious mind and changing any particular thought processes you may have.

Let’s take an example:

If you constantly feel bad about yourself and are running low in self-confidence, every morning look into a mirror. TALK to yourself. Assert yourself that you are confident, you are beautiful, you are smart.

Focus on short, key phrases that you want to feel and believe. Slowly and surely, your mind will begin to think the way you want it to.

Note: In order for this to be successful, you will truly want to change your thought patterns. You may not believe a single word you are saying in the beginning, but if you are consistent, this too will change over time.

3.Getting back up after failure

Positive thinking is about learning to see both sides of the coin, accepting it and then focusing on the optimistic side.

To achieve a goal, you may have to fail many times..before you actually reach it.

The challenge is to focus on the “getting up”. I still find myself doubting certain actions that I want to take, whether it’s because I feel shy or feel as though I will be judged.

This is where positive affirmations really guide me into the right direction and often push me into getting back on the horse.

4.Correct your negative thoughts

If you find yourself thinking negative, reflect on the reasons why. Pull yourself back and focus on the good side. This will help you keep your feet firmly on the ground and aid in creating an optimistic reality.

5.Do things that motivate you and trigger your optimism

We all have our low days. I tend to bring myself back up and focused toward my ambitions by watching inspiration speeches on Youtube or reading a motivational post on LinkedIn.

 6.Surround yourself with like minded people

I started being choosy with who I spend my time and energy with. Since doing so, I have seen a dramatic change in the type of relationships I form, as well as how they make me feel.

Surround yourself with individuals that bring you up and encourage your dreams. These are people who will also help you keep your feet on the ground when needed.

Find people who have the same or higher level of a positive mindset. Who make you feel good every time you speak with them – time will make you a good judge of this.

This also applies professionally. Network with people who have the future job position you want, or the career that you aspire to have. You can learn a lot by casually networking.

7.Don’t make it a big deal

Try to examine if each issue that tends to bother you, is really worth getting bothered by.

If you’re upset that the barista got your order wrong or how rudely that woman was behaving with you(or so you thought) – step back, breath and let it out of your system (through reflection, not by giving out to them!).

After, turn your attention to the positives.

Maybe the barista was new at her job and maybe that woman just had a horrible day?

8.Love yourself and others:

Again, remind yourself of how great you are, but ALSO remind others of how great they are!

Be kind to those you see and try to give as often as you can. This is a positive feedback cycle – your actions will manifest in your body and spirit.

Even complimenting strangers on something as simple as a clothing piece may make their day – and bring positivity to yours.

9.It’s all about the moment, be thankful!

Living as much as possible in the present and being thankful go hand in hand. We all make plans for the long term, what we desire to have in our futures and how we plan on reaching there.

But it is also important to appreciate your present. The happier you are with your life in the present, will only feed the positive vibes for your future.

So look around you and smile for what you have been given:)


I wasn’t going to add this into the mix, but since writing my recent post, I realised that eating a predominantly healthy diet has transformed my mood and behaviour.

I find myself wanting to eat cleaner and take better care of my body. In turn I have more energy and I feel good about myself – which feeds my positive mindset further.

11.Working out

This is similar to the nutritional aspect. Start small and build yourself up. I’ve noticed a change in the way I feel(more energy, better mood) as well as my outer self (glowing skin!).

Feeling better in and out ultimately puts me in a better mood and prevents me from falling down the negative wormhole.

12.Set a short term goal you want to accomplish

I want to focus on the short term goal here. Perhaps the short term goal can help you get closer to your long term one?

By focusing on the short term, you are ensuring a decrease in the likelihood that you will fall back on the goal, as it won’t be too far along in your timeline.

Doing this will motivate you to strive forward and simultaneously bring more positive energy into your life.

What steps have you taken/want to take to create a positive lifestyle? I would love to know!



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