“Small” Gestures, Big Effects

I attended a workshop recently that spoke about inclusion and the diversity that should be present in the workplace.

It brought into perspective the little things that we as humans, often seem to overlook. 

How many times do you come into work and say hi to everyone around you? Do you direct that hi to just one individual because you happen to speak with them the most or are simply more at ease with them, than with others?

These simple mannerisms matter. Maybe the thought hasn’t yet crossed your mind but it sure would have crossed the minds of those you interact with.

Everyone has their own perspective, their own outlook on certain situations. The text you send someone will be interpreted based on how that person is feeling at that time [ best to just pick up the phone in those situations].

It is surprising for me to find how all of us can overlook such simple things, basic etiquette of saying “ thanks” after someone has offered to help you. Not replying to a message that would take two minutes of your time because you are simply too busy.

The little actions really do matter! And the best part is that they can and should be applied in every aspect of our lives.

Here is a list of the “small” gestures I believe can go a long way;

  1. “Please” and “thanks” to the most basic of gestures. 
  2. Firm and strong handshakes – with eye contact!
  3. Compliment someone. I have found this to turn even the most unfriendly encounters into pleasant ones.
  4. Make eye contact with everyone [rotate] when you are sitting in a group.
  5. Always, always reply promptly to emails, a simple acknowledgement works wonders.
  6. At your workplace, be considerate and acknowledge coworkers who may be out of office due to difficult external circumstances.
  7. If you know someone is going through a hard time [ or a good time], offer to help to your basic ability or in the least, lend an ear when needed. 
  8. Always encourage others, be the ray of positivity. A positive person is hard to forget.
  9. To avoid misunderstanding, speak face-to-face or over the phone when needed.
  10. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt in the start of any relationship, unless proven otherwise. Preliminary judgement without much weight can tarnish that relationship before it ever begins.


Be your best self, even if these gestures aren’t reciprocated. Remember, a positive and considerate person is hard to forget.

Are there other simple gestures/actions we can take that can have big effects in our daily lives?




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