Embrace your femininity!

I came across a blog post recently that thrashed an Irish beauty blogger about giving a very restrictive look into the way women are. Now, It is fair to say that most attention online is given to individuals who portray a certain way of being on social media; to those you advertise a lavish, glamorous lifestyle( e.g insta-models).

But you know what?

I am a woman. I love wearing makeup, putting on heels, putting together new outfits. If women can talk about more serious aspects of their lives and be respected for it, why shouldn’t we share the fun and glamorous side of our lives as well! Sometimes it feels as if we forget that we can be feminine and still be professional and career focused!

I want to make two points on this; firstly, not everything is how it looks. On the surface things may seem simple and glitzy but you can’t make a business without hard work.

Secondly, women are not all the same. If one woman wishes to speak about makeup, while another wants to provide advice based on whatever serious aspect of life – then THAT IS THEIR CHOICE.

I do agree that social media can have negative effects on its audiences, especially younger girls. But this is where education needs to come in and separate the internet from reality for these young minds.

There are negatives all around us in the world but this comes down to perception for all of us. Yes beauty bloggers, models, fashion influences can be viewed in a negative light for such reasons as above.

But the truth is, being “glamorous” for a lot of women is just a part of being a woman. Only A PART. It’s a part of me that makes me happy, feel more beautiful and allows me to have fun.

It is not all that I am, but it sure as hell is a part of what makes me a woman, so why not embrace it!

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