Comparisons: a brutal act against your mind

Comparisons can break you mentally. From experience I can say that comparison often arises when we feel inadequate and insecure about specific areas of our life.

We compare ourselves to our own image of other individuals – but often forget that everyone has their own struggles and all is not what it seems.

Instagram models are a perfect example of this – perfectly edited bikini shots or perfectly timed travel shots can give you an unrealistic notion of the truth. 


Getting over such ways of thinking has much to do with self reflection and a positive mindset.

We can’t control our external environment but we do have control over our internal environment. This can then have affect over our external surroundings.


Let me explain!

By working on our mindset (internal environment) we can have a positive effect on our daily life (external environment).

I have personally tried all of the points below with success:

  1. Take 2 to 3 minutes out of your day to truly reflect on the REASONS as to why you may be comparing yourself to someone else.

2. Think about the qualities that you have that make you, YOU. Positive affirmations go a long way.

3. Keeping a journal can overtime show you patterns in your thought processes.

4. Slowly you will find yourself complimenting others as well as yourself rather than COMPARING yourself to others.

Comparisons are human nature somewhat. But constantly bringing yourself down due to the feeling that you are lacking in some quality or feature is not okay.

I have personally come a long way with my thinking through daily self reflection (still making progress!). I am now able to look at other individuals, compliment them and feel happy at the position that I stand.

Changing your thoughts with positive affirmations will have a profound effect on your life and ultimately the relationships that you form with others. You will begin to believe in yourself!

If you treat yourself well, if you truly believe in your own ability and put yourself in the highest regard, this will allow others to also see your unique value.

Stay beautiful!

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